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Read Receipts

The read receipts data is important for tracking user engagement. It lets you categorize the status of different messages you've sent into Sent, Delivered, Read (blue tick)etc

Steps to configure read receipts in the Gupshup account.


1 . Log in to your Gupshp account.


2 . Click on the settings icon on your app.


  1. Scroll down to the Message Events section and active all the checkboxes.


  • Once you configure Gupshup, you will be able to see the status (delivered, read, sent etc) in the column name bsp_status of Messages table in BigQuery.


  • You can add this table in your dashboards to create a Funnel Chart which will help you with more insights on the different drop-off areas/ leakages in your flow. This helps you understand your flow using data & helps you tweak it to enhance engagement.