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Send a link of a specific flow to new contacts to join the BOT

You can configure a link like below and send to the contacts through SMS or emails.

Once they will click on the link, it will redirect them to a WhatsApp with the message, which they can send to start the conversation.

Method 1 : Commonly used to onboard existing users to chatbot.<10 digit bot phone number>?text=<text you want user to send>

Eg: A URL like the one below can be used to trigger your new contact flow with optin.<your bot phone number>?text=Hi

Whatsapp documentation for the same :

Method 2:**BOTNumber**&text=**Message**

  • - link prefix
  • Your BOT Number - Ex. 917302307943
  • text= - fixed content of the link
  • Message - This will be message which will be posted on the WhatsApp. Ex. Hi

Message will look as given below for contacts in WhatsApp