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Send message to a staff member

You can use the Send Broadcast action type to send a message notification to staff members on their WhatsApp number at any time during a flow.

Note: - Staff members cannot be in active session all the time. Always use HSM Templates in Send broadcast action type, to avoid issues in executing the flow.

If there is a use case where staff members needs to be notified about an event, then Send Broadcast action type is available in Glific. Here's how to use it

1 . Create a flow.

2 . Any time during the flow, when it is required to notify a staff members. Create a new node and select Send a staff member a message action type from the drop down.


3 . Select the staff members from the dropdown to whom message notification needs to be sent.


4 . Enter the message you want to send .


5 . Click on ok to save it.

Execute the flow to test it. Staff member will get a message on their registered WhatsApp number.