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Conversing in voice notes over custom knowledge base

  1. In the flow- by calling the “jugalbandi-voice” function and the above inputs in the webhook from the glific interface we can get a text response in desired language as well as a voice note. Send voice notes and get voice notes in return using the Jugalbandi API.
  • Prerequisites: knowledge base will have to uploaded in jugalbandi platform. Read More
  • Example flow (json format) which you can upload and re-use as a starting point

Elements involved 2. Jugalbandi Platform
Using Jugalbandi platform for generating voice response.


  1. Call the Glific webhook

Function to use - “jugalbandi-voice”


Function Body


“Input_language” : specify as per the jugalbandi platform or you can use the @contact.language “output_format” : text or voice “query_text” : if the input is in text format “audio_url” : send the flow variable of the voice note received “prompt” : any contextual or system prompt “uuid_number” : custom knowledge base which has been uploaded in the jugalbandi platform

How to get the response back and get the voice note

  • The first node in the “success” pathway is pulling the responses


  • The second node (screenshot below) is sending the computer generated voice note of the response.