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Glific Onboarding Toolkit

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To be a part of Glific pilot you’ll need these things:

  1. Facebook page of your organization for Facebook Business Manager Verification
  2. A phone number to be used for Whatsapp Chatbot
  3. There is a monthly fee of INR 7,500 for the platform usage and a one-time setup cost of INR 15,000 for initial consulting/training/customizations. (The fee covers our operational expenses and platform costs. Messaging costs are additional and will be paid via credit card directly to Gupshup - all pricing details here. Platform development and enhancement costs are borne by philanthropic funding.)
  4. Your use case and how you plan to use it. For what programs, the scale, etc… (The reason is that once the NGOs identified the process and have documented how communications will happen at their organisations, it will be easier to apply Glific or any relevant software solution for that. Identifying and refining the process is key and super important.)
  5. Your proposed workflow: Example 1, Example 2 (This a sample flow for ideas, your proposed workflow should be different from the example.)
  6. Details and description of any previous pilot experiments(with 10-50 users) (Your NGO has done using your personal WhatsApp account. This gives you a better idea of how you might want to structure the interaction, to begin with.)
  7. Knowledge of WhatsApp Ecosystem

Additional Pointers

These additional pointers may help you with the planning and piloting. The pilot can help you discover:

  • How similar or different are the questions asked by your beneficiaries
  • Identify a pattern in conversations
  • Try a question-answer process with at least 20 beneficiaries
  • Create an FAQ database based on your conversations
  • Create a set of data points you generally need to collect
  • India Literacy Project Use Case Study, Antarang Use case

Next Steps

Note : When your Glific instance is set up, it is recommended that you provide us support access to your account. We generally name that support contact "SaaS Admin". If this contact does not exist it might be harder for us to provide you the ideal turnaround on support issues.

Setup and launch estimates

Getting a new number*approx. 4 days(can be done in parallel during fb verification process)
Program design3-4 days(depends on the NGO speed) (can be done in parallel during fb and Gupshup process)
Get Facebook business manager verified5-20 days(5 days if all paperwork like branding, address proofs are in order, 20 days or more if it’s not)
Setup Glific1 day
GCS, BQ, DataStudio account creation and linking to Glific1 day(can be done in parallel during fb and Gupshup process)
Setup flows on Glific6-8 days(depends on the complexity and volume of flow and messages)
Test internally and with a ~20 end users3-4 days(test the flow plans before making it live for larger audience)
Ready to launch

*Please make sure to keep a check on the number's validity, inactive numbers might get shut down by your telecom service provider. You can recharge with a year-long plan or switch to a postpaid plan to avoid a shutdown.

Glific Test Account
Phone number: +917834811114
Password: Secret1234!

Please don't use this to build extensive flows and testing on live numbers. We update the account every week so any work you do is likely to be removed. Please only use it to view the platform and check out the features.

Reference Article

Importing Contacts from the Backend.

  • NGO will need to share proof of opt-in being collected for each of the contact mentioned in the contact list to be imported. The proof should clearly reflect the user's consent of receiving messages on Whatsapp.
  • The opt-in details will be reviewed internally by Glific and processed only after approval.
  • The activity will be chargeable @ INR 2000 per request. If the contacts to be imported are more and the effort involved is greater than an hour then it will be charged at the rate of INR 2000/hour