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Pricing, Billing & Payment

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NGOs can add their billing details from their Glific account. Monthly subscription will be auto debited from Stripe integration in Glific on 1st of every month.


  • There is a monthly fee of INR 7,500 for the platform usage and a one-time setup cost of INR 15,000 for initial consulting/training/customizations.

  • The fee covers our operational expenses and platform costs. Messaging costs are additional and will be paid via credit card directly to Gupshup - click here for Pricing Details. Platform development and enhancement costs are borne by philanthropic funding.

Add Billing and Card Details.

  1. Login to your Glific account.

  2. Click on the Settings icon.


  1. Click on the Edit icon on the billing section.


  1. Add the details

    i) Your Organisation Name - Your organisation Name which you want on your invoice

    ii) Email ID- Your email address, which will be used for billings communication

    iii) Card Number - Your Credit Card details

  2. Click on the Subscribe for monthly billingbutton


  1. Once done you will see You have an active subscription message with a green tick.

Edit Billing Details - Card

You can edit your billing details and card details on the Stripe portal

  1. Clink on Visit stripe portal link at the bottom of the billing page.


  1. Stripe portal will open up in another tab.

  2. Click on + Add payment method


  1. Add the new card details and click on Add button


  1. Click on Go back button and click on X icon in front of old card to remove it from stripe portal.


Edit billing details - Email, GST

  1. Click on Update information link from stripe portal under Billing information section.


  1. Enter the email address you want to change.

  2. Add the TaxID if you want to have it on your invoice. Select IND GST from the drop down.


  1. Click on Save button

Note - To edit the Billing organisation name please contact Glific support team.

View / Download invoices.

You can view or download your monthly invoices from stripe portal

  1. Find the list of your monthly invoices under Billing History sections.

  2. Click on Date of the invoice.


  1. A new page will open up with invoice and receipt link.

  2. Click on Download invoice button to download the invoice and Download receipt button to down the receipt of the payment.