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Open a ticket with a human agent

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Support tickets streamline the process of submitting queries and assigning staff members for each query. This provides a convenient system for organizing and managing inquiries in a more efficient way.

Sample Use Case

  1. Here's a sample flow with minimal configuration for using the ticketing system in Glific


  1. The first node is the Send Message node, which prompts the contact to share his query so a new ticket can be opened


  1. The second node is the Wait for Response node with the result name ticket. The response from the contact will be saved in this result and can be referenced as @results.ticket.


  1. The third node is Open ticket node which is used to create a new ticket from flow
    1. Choose Open a ticket with a human agent from the dropdown in node action.
    2. There we can add the labels like registration, help, activity to help in streamlining open tickets based on labels
    3. Choose the appropriate staff member to resolve that query.
    4. At last is the ticket body, here we are using the @results.ticket from the previous step(step 1)

  1. Click OK to save the changes
  1. Publish the flow and test the flow

View Support Ticket Inquiries

  1. To view support tickets, navigate to the Support Tickets section by hovering over Flows in the left panel and selecting it. In this screen, you can see all the tickets, their status, and assigned staff members. Here's how the page would look like:


There are five columns in the Tickets screen namely:

ISSUE: Displays the posted queries.

OPENED BY: Indicates who opened the ticket.

STATUS: Shows whether the ticket is open or closed.

ASSIGNED TO: Specifies the staff member assigned to the ticket.

ACTIONS: Provides options to add remarks, change the assignee or status of the ticket.

Once a ticket is created, users can make edits by utilizing the add remark option. Additionally, they can close the ticket by providing a closing remark and setting the status as closed. These features allow for easy ticket management and efficient resolution.



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