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Send a staff member a message

2 minute read                                                                                                                         Beginner

You can use the Send Broadcast action type to send a message notification to staff members on their WhatsApp number at any time during a flow. If there is a use case where staff members needs to be notified about an event, then Send Broadcast action type is available in Glific.

Note: - Staff members cannot be in active session all the time. Always use HSM Templates in Send broadcast action type, to avoid issues in executing the flow.

Here's how to use it

1 . Create a flow.

2 . Any time during the flow, when it is required to notify a staff members. Create a new node and select Send a staff member a message action type from the drop down.


3 . Select the staff members from the dropdown to whom message notification needs to be sent.


4 . Enter the message you want to send .


5 . Click on ok to save it.

Execute the flow to test it. Staff member will get a message on their registered WhatsApp number.