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Start somebody else in a flow

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Use the Start somebody else in a flow action to start a separate contact or collection in a flow when a contact reaches this step.

This feature enables whatsapp to whatsapp chatbot flow triggers. For example: A teacher could use whatsapp to start a quiz or activity chatbot flow for multiple students, or a field worker could receive a whatsapp alert when a beneficiary has a query or concern.

Video Tutorial

Sample Flow


Using Start somebody else in a flow

  1. Hover over the red dot at the bottom of the node and drag it to create the next node.


  1. Create that step by adding a new node and select Start somebody else in a flow from the dropdown menu.


  1. Select Select recipients manually option from the dropdown.


  1. From the dropdown of Select who should be started in the flow select the contact or the collection whom you want to start the flow with.


  1. From the dropdown select the flow which you want to initiate from that step.


  1. Click on Advanced tab on top right corner.


  1. Check the box If you want to skip the contact who is currently in the flow & continue with newly added contacts or collection.


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