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Background Flows

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There may be a requirement to send automated messages other than the regular flows they're accessing or manual interaction happening with them. Such as when you want to keep sending weekly/bi-monthly activities but also have the interact with the bot on a daily basis. For this, you can plan your activities as a background flow while other flows remain as it is.

So, you can create that flow and mark it as Run this flow in the background

Note: Background flow cannot have wait for response node, as this flow will execute in the background and may conflict with other flows hence, you shouldn't expect any response from user for those.

If you need a flow with user responses, then create a normal flow and uncheck Run this flow in the background

Create Background flow

1 . Create a flow.

2 . Configure it with messages the way you want.

3 . Save it.

4 . Go to the edit screen for that flow.

Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 4 05 04 PM

5 . Mark the check box Run this flow in the background

Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 4 05 32 PM

6 . Save it.

Background flows can be used :

  • to share some messages to number of contacts from collection.
  • to share any information periodically with beneficiaries combined with triggers.
  • to update specific states of beneficiaries in the system. (Ex. Update district of all beneficiaries who are in one collection.)