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How to identify which keyword triggered the flow

2 minutes read                                                                                                                         Beginner

There may be a situation, where you want to identify which keyword started a flow or wanted to capture the keyword/sentence contact has sent to start a flow.

You can use flow_keyword variables to get the information in the flow.

The syntax will be @results.flow_keyword.input

or you can use a category to get the whole sentence which contact has entered to start a flow.

The syntax will be @results.flow_keyword.category

For Example: Let's say you have a flow with multiple keywords like key1, key2, key3 etc and you want to know what keyword actually triggred the flow.



Note: If a staff member (User) initiates the flow for a contact from the dashboard, then @results.flow_keyword.category will either be null or return @results.flow_keyword.category as value.