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Getting Started with Glific

2 minutes read                                                                                                                         Beginner

You can start communicating with your contacts/ beneficiaries after your Glific account setup is complete.

Video Tutorial: Getting started with Automated Chat Flows

Create a Flow

  1. Login to Glific with your credentials.


  1. Click on Flows menu from the left panel and then click on + CREATE FLOW button from top right corner


  1. Enter the Name of the flow and the Keywords with which you want to trigger/start the flow. Click on Save button.


Configure the Flow

  1. You will see your first flow created on the Flows tab. Click on the Configure icon to start adding messages in the flow.


  1. Once the Flow Editor opens up, click on Create Message to create your first message in the flow.


  1. The Send Message node will open up. Type your introductory message in the input box. Click on Ok button to save it.


  1. You will now see a node created in your Flow Editor.


  1. Click on the red dot at the bottom of the node and drag it to create the next node.


  1. You can receive the response back from your contact at this stage and show it back to the contact in a flow.


  1. There are many message types that are available for you to build up your communication flow with your contacts.

Test the flow

  1. To test your communication flow, click on Preview button from Glific flow edit.


  1. It will open up a simulator for you to start communicating through the flow.


  1. Reply from the simulator message input box and you will see the

the response back from your flow.

15 . Publish the flow to start using it with your contacts, after your test is successful.


  • Publish & Stay - Will publish the flow and keep the flow open in Flow editor.
  • Publish & GO Back - will Publish the flow and take you to the flows listing page.
  • Cancel - Will not publish the flow and keep the flow open for editing


16 . Note it will show the Last published and Last saved in draft date and time of the flow. Make sure to publish the flow after edits to get the desired results from the flow.


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Reference Articles

Flows : By TextIt
We thank the TextIt team for publishing it openly for the community.

Tutorial Videos

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