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Import & Export Flows

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There may a need to export the flows created and then import it to a new environment. This feature will be required in case there is a need to change the BOT number or another BOT is required and same flow needs to be used in the new BOT.

Export the Flow from Existing System

1 . Click on the Flows-->Flows tab from the Left Panel.


2 . Click on the 3 dots in the line of the flow name which you want to import. Within that, click on Export option.

Screenshot 2024-03-06 at 4 02 20 PM


It can also be exported from the Flow Editor, if the flow is opened for configuration. Click on 'More' and you will find 'Export flow' option there.

Screenshot 2024-03-06 at 4 03 42 PM

3 . On clicking the Export Flow button, the file explorer pops up. Click on Save to save the file on your device. The file will be saved in JSON format.


Importing the Flows

1 . Click on the Flows-->Flows tab from the Left Panel.


2 . From the Flow listing screen, click on Import Flow button

Screenshot 2024-03-06 at 4 05 48 PM

3 . It will open the file explorer window to select the flow file.

4 . Select the file and click on Open. The flow will be copied, created and displayed on the Flow listing page.