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Keywords are used to start a particular flow from a BOT. When beneficiary sends a specific word which is set as keyword for a flow, that particular flow will start and beneficiary will start getting messages from that flow. Multiple Keywords can be defined with a flow and in different languages. Common keywords used are Hi, Hello, Help, NGO Org Name etc, depending on the purpose of the flow.

How to define a keyword

Keywords can be defined at the time of creating a flow and can also be edited at a later stage.

1 . Click on + CREATE button

Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 4 37 06 PM

2 . Enter the name of the flow and define keywords. Separate the Keywords with coma "," to add more than one keyword in a flow.


Edit Keywords

Click on Edit icon next to the flow listing page to add or edit the keywords. Keywords are shown below the flow name, to know which keywords are assigned to a flow.

Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 5 32 30 PM

Ignore keywords

4 . Ignore keywords if checked, is used to restrict beneficiary to enter any other flow from the active (current) flow with use of keywords of another flow.


5 . Click on Save button to save the modifications done in keywords