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Speed Sends

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Speed Sends is a functionality in Glific to create a message or save the messages and reuse it in future chats.

Create Speed Sends

  1. Create a Speed Sends message. Click on the +CREATE SPEED SEND button.
  1. Fill in the details of the Speed Sends message.

    1. Select the language from the Language Selection tab in the top right corner to save the message in your preferred language.
    2. Type the title of the message in Title input field.
    3. Enter the exact message you want to send to users in the Message field.
    4. Select the type of attachment if you wish to attach any file with the message in Attachment Type field.
    5. Provide the URL of the message in the Attachment URL field.
  1. Click Save button to save the Speed send message.
  1. Go to the Chats window, to test the message you just saved.
  1. Click on the contact to whom you want to send the message.
  1. Click on Speed Sendtab at the top of Type a message field. A pop up will be shown with all the saved Speed Send messages.
  1. Click on the message you want to send.
  1. The message will be shown in the Type a message field. Click on Send icon to send the message. You can edit the message, attach any file with the message, or simply remove it completely.SS SC5

Save Speed Sends

  1. You can save any existing messages from chat from the little dropdown arrow shown next to the message. It will be saved in the Speed Sends list.
  1. Enter the title of the message and click on Save button.


  1. Verify the message saved in Speed sends