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Triggers in Glific are used to start a flow with specific contacts in a collection at a scheduled time. Triggers can be used for scheduling periodic tasks and automatically sharing them with required beneficiaries.

Create a Trigger

1 . Click on Triggers tab from left panel


2 . Click on + CREATE TRIGGERbutton.


3 . Fill the details of the Add a New Trigger form

a. Select flow - Select the flow from the dropdown you want to execute.

b. Start Date - Select the date from when you want to start a flow.

c. End Date - Select the end date, when you want the trigger will expire.

d. Time - Select a time of the day, when you want to execute the flow.

e. Repeat - Select the options if you want to repeat the flow.

  • Does not repeat

  • Daily

  • Weekly

f. Select days - Select a specific day if you choose weekly option.

g. Select Collection - Select the collection to which you want to execute the flow.


  1. Click on Save button to save the Trigger.

  2. Verify the created trigger on Triggers page.


Verify Successful Execution of Trigger

  1. For verification of successful execution of the trigger, refer back to the chats and check how your defined message is triggered where time, date and message is being sent.

Delete the Trigger

  1. Click on Delete icon on the trigger bar on triggers page.


  1. Click on Confirm button to delete the trigger.


Copy a Trigger

  1. Click on Copy icon on the trigger bar on triggers page.


  1. Copy Triggerform will open up. Change the details you want and save the trigger.


  1. New trigger will be created.

Deactivate the Trigger

  1. To deactivate the Tigger deselect the Is Activecheck box.


  1. Click on Save button to save the changes