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Flows not working - Troubleshoot checklist

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  1. Is the flow published? If the desired result not showing while executing the flow. Make sure you have published the flow after modifying it.
  2. Check messages in all language. If you are getting messages which you are not expecting. Please check if different messages are saved in other languages and check which language preference is user is having which you are using for testing the flow.
  3. Variable not defined properly. If variables are not defined properly the flow will not give expected results. Refer Flow level variable Vs Contact level variable for details about how to use variables in flows.
  4. Linked flow is not published. The flow will not execute if any other flow is called from a flow and the other flow is not published.
  5. Web hook errors. The flow will not give desired results if there is any error in the web hook call. Refer How to check Webhook Logs in Glific? to know more about web hook logs.
  6. Flow should start with a Send a Message - Flow should start with a message, so that it gives related message. Starting a flow with Wait for response action type will confuse if the flow has started or not.
  7. Ignore Keyword is checked or not? - Check if Ignore Keyword is checked for the flow, which is currently executing for the contact. If Ignore Keyword is checked, then it will not allow to start another flow, if contact type any other keyword.
  8. Flow should be active - Check if flow is inactive. Click on isActive check box and save to activate the flow.
Screenshot 2024-03-06 at 1 14 28 PM
  1. Node placement- There should be only single first node at the top in flow editor. All other node should be below that.

Correct placement


Incorrect placement


10 . Ignore keywords - Check if contact is already in a flow, which has ignore keywordsimplemented. If contact tries to strat flow with the keyword, in this case, it will not start the flow.

11 . OptedOut - check if a contact is not opted out. An easy test is to ask the contact to type optin and send it to the BOT (Note, Your optin flow should always have optin keyword set to it). See if it starts working.

Also, make sure, that the default optin message from the Gupshup portal is disabled.

12 . Session Window - Check if contacts are in the session window, to start a flow with them, if not make sure the flow is started with HSM (with an expected response). The same is true if the flow is started for a collection.

Errors while creating Flow : This session will show you a few errors/ warnings you might get on Glific and reason for it.

  1. Could not find Sub Flow: Help Workflow - The subflow was created and exists no more.

  2. The next message after a long wait for time should be an HSM template - After Wait for time, it should be an HSM message. The same error will be shown when you tick Continue when there is no response checkbox and the delay set is 1 day or more.

  3. Could not find Contact: SaaS Admin- When staff member added to Send Broadcast node is deleted but in the node it is not updated

  4. Could not find Sub Flow: Out of Office Workflow - The subflow was created and no more exists.

  5. Could not find Group: Default Group - When collection added to Add to Collection node is deleted but in the node it not updated

  6. Could not find Contact: NGO Staff - The user created in the platform is deleted and no more exist in the platform

  7. Could not parse Group - This looks similar to when collection added to Add to Collectionnode is deleted but in the node it is not updated.

  8. Your flow has dangling nodes - There are some nodes that are not connected to any other node in the flow.

  9. Missing translations - This error appears when translations are not added to all nodes (where at least one node has it). It's crucial to fix this to avoid confusing multilingual messages, and the message points out which node lacks translation.

  1. Node Error Warning - This error shows up if the node following an Interactive message isn't a Wait for response. The flow won't move forward for users without allowing them to respond after an Interactive message. Even though Glific automatically adds a Wait for response node after the Interactive message, manual removal of this can trigger the error.
  1. Trigger warning - This warning arises if the flow's first node is a 'Send message' without an HSM template. Without this, messages to users not in the 24-hour session window might fail. Therefore, the first message in a flow should be an HSM message.
  1. Media Template warning - This warning indicates selecting a media attachment in an HSM template message but failing to attach an Image URL in the flow.

Logs to know if any errors are thrown while executing the flow

Refer Notifications for system errors