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Flow Overview

2 minute read                                                                                                                           Beginner

Flow Listing Page

You will be taken to the Flow Listing Page on clicking the Flows tab in the Left Panel. All the Flows created will be listed here.

Flow Listing Page Buttons

  1. Configure - The CTA buttons in Flow Editor page on clicking Configure are as follows :

    • Save as Draft : This lets you save a draft of the flow you just configured. This lets you save the progress whenever you make changes to a flow before publishing it. This will be helpful for testing out the changes you make in a flow.

    • Publish : By publishing a flow, you will be able to make a flow public. Anyone who prompts your chatbot with the correct keyword will be able to access your flow.

    • Preview : The Preview feature displays a Flow Simulator with the Whatsapp Interface. It shows the flow from the eyes of an end user and you'll be able to understand how the various nodes look like in Whatsapp. This feature enables you to test out your flows without needing to do it from your Whatsapp app in mobile or web.

    • Revision History : Version Control in Glific is enabled through Revision History. It creates a list of versions based on the changes you've made to a flow. If in case you end up having a faulty flow, you will always be able to go back and revert it to the last working version/ any version of your liking.

    • Reset Flow Counts :

  2. Make a copy

  3. Export & Import Flow

    • Export flow in Configure page
  4. Edit

    • Name & Keywords
    • Ignore Keywords
    • is active?
    • is pinned?
    • Run this flow in the background + Background Flows
  5. Delete

Create Flow

Search Flow

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  • Last saved in Draft
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