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Flow Overview

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Flow Listing Page

You will be taken to the Flow Listing Page on clicking the Flows tab in the Left Panel. All the Flows created will be listed here.

Flow Listing Page Buttons

  1. Configure - The CTA buttons in Flow Editor page on clicking Configure are as follows :

    • Save as Draft : This lets you save a draft of the flow you just configured. This lets you save the progress whenever you make changes to a flow before publishing it. This will be helpful for testing out the changes you make in a flow.

    • Publish : By publishing a flow, you will be able to make a flow public. Anyone who prompts your chatbot with the correct keyword will be able to access your flow.

    • Preview : The Preview feature displays a Flow Simulator with the Whatsapp Interface. It shows the flow from the eyes of an end user and you'll be able to understand how the various nodes look like in Whatsapp. This feature enables you to test out your flows without needing to do it from your Whatsapp app in mobile or web.

    • Revision History : Version Control in Glific is enabled through Revision History. It creates a list of versions based on the changes you've made to a flow. If in case you end up having a faulty flow, you will always be able to go back and revert it to the last working version/ any version of your liking.

    • Reset Flow Counts : The reset flow counts will refresh the node and the tracking of how many times a node was triggered for users.

  1. Make a copy : This will help you to duplicate a particular flow.

  2. Export & Import Flow : This feature will help you when you want to transfer some flow from one particular BOT to another. Read more details here

  3. Edit :

    • Name & Keywords : Assign any unique name and keyword to the flow.

    • Ignore Keywords :Once it is enabled, this feature restricts beneficiaries from entering any other flow apart from the active one, using keywords from another flow. You can read more about this here

- **is active?** : It is crucial to activate the flow.

- **is pinned?** : will pin your flow so that it appears at the top of the Flow section for easy visibility

- **Run this flow in the background + Background Flows** : Sometimes, you might need to send automated messages alongside the usual flows or manual interactions. For instance, you may want to send weekly or bi-monthly updates while also allowing daily interactions with the bot. In such cases, you can plan these activities separately in the background while keeping the other flows unchanged.

Read more here

  1. Delete : The delete option will completely remove/ erase that particular flow from the flow list

Create Flow :

After selecting + Create Flow you will be directed to the page where you can add a new flow.


The filter option feature toward the left side under Flows heading will help to check the Active and Inactive Flows.

The upwards arrow will give the information on the descending order of the flows created, last published.